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Relevnt: Introducing The New ‘People’s App’

On the Relevnt app, you can join Mike Tyson’s chatroom, ‘Tyson’s Topics.’

Relevnt podcast

Welcome to Relevnt! Podcasts are a flexible communication channel. You can connect to Bluetooth in your car and listen to them on the radio to avoid awkward silence during a long road trip to Palm Springs. When you’re home alone, you can pour a cup of hot freshly brewed coffee, curl up on the sofa with your warm fluffy blanket, put on your headphones, and listen to your favorite podcast on your phone!

Are you interested in podcasting? Join “The people’s app” today! This unique app offers its’ podcast creators total creative control, allowing them to produce quality podcasts that’ll stand the test of time.

Credit: Twitter

The Voice

Credit: Relevnt

Goodbye censorship, hello Relevnt! Relevnt is a unique group messaging app that gives podcasters a voice that can’t be censored. The friendly app is an open network, available for everyone worldwide. Are you seeking new entertainment during your free time? You’re in good hands!

First and foremost, Relevnt offers numerous entertaining podcasts for its users. Once you download the app, you can join various live chat rooms, such as “Volume UP” or “The Industry Shakedown,” and listen to a variety of podcasts!

Credit: YouTube, Relevnt

Good news! You can create your own chatroom for your favorite sports team, a fan club for your favorite celebrity, including your own podcasts voicing your opinion without worrying about censorship. The best thing about Relevnt is its simplicity!

Furthermore, there’s no need for high-tech equipment, all you need is your cell phone and a hot topic to broadcast to a live audience!

Turn The Volume UP

Credit: Shutterstock, Dean Bertoncelj

Do you consider yourself a ‘music lover?’ If so, Relevnt’s ‘Volume UP’ chat room is the perfect community for you! Moreover, Volume UP is a Relevnt original, ‘rOriginal,’ music-focused chat room that offers users and podcasters a diverse podcast community. 

From live album reviews, ‘old school’ music, and award show predictions, such as the Grammys, to controversial topics, like the infamous rapper Blue Face and his bizarre relationship with longtime girlfriend Chrisean Rocks, there are no limitations in this chat room! 

Download the app today, join the Volume UP Chatroom, and check out the podcasts below!

Red Room Radio

Credit: Red Room Radio, Relevnt/Volume UP
Credit: YouTube, Red Room Radio
Credit: The M Factor, Relevnt/Volume UP
Credit: Playing With Your Ears, Relevnt/Volume UP
Credit: Musical Frequencies, Relevnt/Volume UP

The Industry Shakedown

Credit: Shutterstock, Mersaloff

Are you interested in a wide range of controversial topics? Become a member of The Industry Shakedown chatroom! Additionally, this chatroom focuses on issues that most people would fear speaking about out of fear of being ‘canceled’ by social media.

Canceled where? The marathon continues! Don’t miss out on the fun! Download the app, and join The Industry Shakedown’s chatroom today!

Credit: Relevnt

Mike Tyson Uncensored

Credit: Shutterstock, Bert Sherkow
Credit: YouTube, Relevnt

The youngest heavyweight champion ever, Mike Tyson, remains undefeated. If you think his 50-6, 44 knockouts total record as a professional boxer is impressive, you should know he knocked out his critics without lifting a finger. Moreover, social media’s attempt to try to ‘cancel’ Tyson failed, as he partnered with Relevnt to ‘cancel’ his critics by becoming a shareholder. 

Credit: Relevnt

From “Hot Boxin’ With Mike Tyson” to metaphysical conversational topics, Tyson keeps his audience engaged, wanting more! On the Relevnt app, you can join Tyson’s chatroom, ‘Tyson’s Topics,’ where he broadcasts live and interacts with fans.

Credit: YouTube, Relevnt

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