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Poor Drawing of Dog Wins Art Competition

Doodle of man’s best friend beats out stellar artwork in drawing competition

Some people are really talented artists. Others, not so much. But even if you aren’t a good artist, you definitely still have a chance to win an art competition. Just ask Jay Cartner, whose awkward sketch of his dog Stanley won the first FIRULAIS drawing contest. 

Cartner was named victor of the competition because the number of ‘likes’ on his artwork outnumbered his competitors. 

Cartner has created more complex designs as an artist, but the minimalistic rendering of his dog is something that made a lot of people happy (probably not the runner-up).

With that being said, Cartner decided to create a Facebook and Instagram page dedicated to drawing, ‘Flat Dog Doodles’.

For as annoying as it may be for some that Cartner actually won that art competition, you have to love his artwork. Any drawings of dogs are cool, but I think the simplicity of his doodles make somewhat of a cool statement. 

His art- just like dogs themselves- is fun, simple, and makes you smile. I know that if I had a dog, I would definitely want a doodle of them like this. I could put it in a frame, hang it on my wall, the whole bit.  And if you are unlike me and you actually do have a dog, Cartner is willing to sketch and send you a picture of your little buddy for just a small fee

But seriously, how could you not at least smirk at an innocent scribble of your dog like Cartner does? Even just looking through his Instagram page I have this little grin across my face.

And I guess that is what is great about dogs and Cartner’s doodles. Clean and fancy or messy and simple, there is always a pretty good chance they will put you in a better mood. 

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