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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists are Out, and They’re Hilarious

Nature is awe-inspiring, but who knew it could be amusing too?

© Krisztina Scheeff / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards just announced their 2020 finalists, and the photos are a hoot!

Nature is awe-inspiring, and wildlife photography awards exist to celebrate capturing its beauty. This particular set of images, though, serves a slightly different purpose.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are a testament to the fact that wildlife is not all about great big cats roaring into the sunset, or a mother elephant herding her child. In fact, animals have bad hair days and compromising photos just like the best of us!

© Sue Hollis / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Last year, category winners included a comically shocked otter, a four-panel squirrel love story, and a very vexed bird, while the top spot was taken by a young lion cub taking another big cat’s balls for a toy. Yeah, that happened.

But this year’s entries look just as good, because while we were all holed up at home over the last few months, these photographers were out and about, capturing what are clearly these animals’ finest moments.

© Charlie Davidson / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

The 44 finalist photographs are competing in several categories in addition to the overall winner: The Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Category; The Spectrum Creatures in the Air Category; The ThinkTank Photo Junior Category; The Amazing Internet Portfolio Category; The Underwater Category; and The Video Clip Category.

Although each of the 44 photographs deserves a jest of its own, its in everyone’s interests to keep things short so here’s some of the highlights from the lot:

We all have that one friend:

© Yarin Klein / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

“Talk to the hand, Fred!”

© Petr Sochman / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Photobombing is part of human nature… And apparently giraffe nature?

© Brigitte Alcalay Marcon / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

“Did I leave the oven on?!”

© Jagdeep Rajput / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

Get a room, you two!

© Megan Lorenz / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

When the quarantine blues hit:

© Marcus Westberg / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

“He’s behind me, isn’t he?”

© Vicki Jauron / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

It’s safe to say that any of these photographs could be a worthy winner, but the official winners will be released on 22 October. Till then, check out the rest of the photographs on the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards website.

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