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Rare Photos Of The Rolling Stones On Show In Paris

Some truly amazing shots on view here.

Gered Mankowitz, The Rolling Stones/Backstage

Rare photos of The Rolling Stones are now available to go and view in Paris.

A photographer by the name of Gered Mankowitz just happens to be a fan of rock and roll, and he took these wonderful shots. Born in Britain in 1946, he left school at the age of 15 to become a photographer, and opened his first studio in 1963.

At just 18, he met The Rolling Stones thanks to the Stones’ manager Andrew Lood Oldham after a session with Marianne Faithfull, who Oldham was her agent too.

“This photo was used for the very first Rolling Stones album. For the 18 year old boy I was at the time, it was a dream come true. I lost the original negative a few years ago, it was probably stollen from my studio, I wasn’t very good at securing stuff.

It was recently given back to me after years spent in some shed in West London. I cleaned it up and now it gives fantastic prints. One of these prints is now part of London’s National Portrait Gallery’s private collection.”

Pochette de Out of Our Geads, des Rolling Stones. (© Gered Mankowitz)

Keith et Mick en coulisse, USA, 1965. (© Gered Mankowitz, The Rolling Stones/Backstage)

Les Rolling Stones sur scène, USA, "Cuban Heels", 1965. (© Gered Mankowitz, The Rolling Stones/Backstage)

Brian, Keith et Charlie, coulisse, Palladium, Londres, 1967. (© Gered Mankowitz, The Rolling Stones/Backstage)

"Between the Buttons", triptyque, 1966. (© Gered Mankowitz, The Rolling Stones/Backstage)

"Caged" Les Rolling Stones à Ormond Yard, Londres, 1965. (© Gered Mankowitz, The Rolling Stones/Backstage)

These magnificent photos really are some of the rarest and most fascinating images of the inspired history of The Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones/Backstage is on at Photo12 Galerie, Paris, until July 22, while a limited edition book has also been published by the gallery.

For another awesome story, check this out!

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