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This Photoshop Fail Has The Internet Throwing Shade

It’s started a photo war online.

It's started a photo war online.

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you know just how beautiful it is. For those of you who haven’t been, I suggest you don’t look at this picture for reference.  

Travel Vibes, an online Twitter and Instagram user posted this clearly edited photo of the City of Lights.

As you can see, the fake pastel sunset, the stairway that leads to a literal cliff, and some casual mountains surrounded by clouds in the background are so badly photoshopped in that it is actually laughable. And of course, because the internet can occasionally be a beautiful thing, it didn’t take long for the backlash to hit. Shade has been thrown and honestly, we couldn’t have asked for much more. Check out what some people have been tweeting back at the lie that is this photograph.

So the moral of this article is don’t photoshop your photos. The internet will figure it out, and it will strike back with hilarious photos that will make you want to delete photoshop and then light your computer on fire and throw it out your window.

Want to see where photoshop has been used for the good? Check out this article for a laugh.

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