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iPhone Glitch Creates A Vertiginous Landscape

Awfully calm for sitting at the end of the planet.

Awfully calm for sitting at the end of the planet.
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No matter how many times we think the internet has been completely scraped clean of unusual stories, it somehow produces yet another tale, far weirder than the others.

While setting out on what seemed to be a fairly typical boat excursion, a Florida man’s wife captured a photo of he and a fellow boater that made them appear to be set to plummet off of a watery precipice. What aids the oddity of the illusion is the fact that a fragment of the motorized dinghy is projected on the right hand-side of the fictitious wall of water.   

After examining the photo at home and realizing the obvious error, the couple decided to post the picture of a distorted landscape on Reddit. One theory is that the woman taking the photograph may have inadvertently summoned the panorama mode on her iPhone’s camera, and proceeded to tilt the camera after she took the first photo, in order to snap another.

Whatever the case may be, this sort of happy accident created much fuss on Reddit, with other users jokingly making claims that this validates the flat-earth theory. Hey, who knows, maybe this snapshot will squeak its way into some surreal art exhibit. What would have been an ordinary photo, had everything gone according to plan, made for a fascinating image to look upon.

If you were puzzled and amazed by this somewhat atypical occurrence, then this really  ought to knock your socks off.

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