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Goths are Seeing a Reprise Thanks to Netflix’s “Wednesday”

Wednesday’s fashion choices will certainly inspire viewers to look back into their wardrobe to complete their gothic style.

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At the end of November, Netflix came out with “Wednesday”– an 8-episode TV series that follows Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, through the ups and downs of teenager angst. her wittiness and all-black style choice, along with her obsession with the dark and mysterious, have viewers in awe at her character. The gothic motif throughout the show pays a nod to Tim Burton’s classics, as well as the subculture of goth during the 90s and Mid-2000s.

The show has become #1 in Tv shows on Netflix. People are loving the all-black clothing, the ark circles under Wednesday’s eyes, and her seemingly unprofound love for not caring about anything. This show has become a catalyst for the goth revival. The question is; Why?

“Wednesday” has become #1 in Tv shows on Netflix. Image by Hamara/Shutterstock.

While Goth emerged in the 1980s, thanks to an offshoot of punk rock in the United Kingdom, it really took off in America during the late 90s and 2000s. Black is the best color for goth, paired with baggy cargo pants, black lace, and chiffon sleeves. Many also like to add spikes or studs to their wardrobe, giving off a sense of danger. (Perfect for Wednesday!)

In the show, we also get introduced to Wednesday’s mom Morticia, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Black lipstick, sleek black hair, and skin-tight black dresses are the epitome of traditional goth. Wednesday’s pale face and dark features are trademarks of a goth. Many old-school or traditional goth seekers paint their faces to look vampire-esque.

“Goth” today has multiple subcultures. We see, of course, traditional goth; akin to Slipknot and other heavy metal bands. Now we see mall goth, perky goth, and even Vampire goth. Wednesday’s wardrobe can perfectly give goth inspiration…

In episode 4 of the show, Wednesday goes to her school dance. The paradox of the scene is perfect; An all-white and dreamy background, teens dancing and having fun. Then we pan to Wednesday, in an all-black chiffon halter dress. She lacks emotion as she dances, which has become an iconic dance on Instagram and TikTok.

Jenna Ortega choreographed this dance, with inspiration from older versions of Wednesday Addams.

Many viewers loved Jenna’s take on the character due to her inspiration from past Wednesdays. Many people that love goth also love Halloween, and what screams Halloween vibes more than the Addams family? With that known, Jenna Ortega’s performance draws goth fans in to watch the series. Her youthful, yet death-obsessed take on her character is impeccable. It reminds viewers of the nostalgic, sometimes dreadful times of being a teenager.

The iconic Wednesday Addams’ braids. Image: Netflix

Wednesday’s wardrobe is certainly one to remind us of the goth subculture in America. The costume designer of the show had multiple meanings behind his choice of dress for the character. With notes of renaissance paired with all black and subtle white, we can see Wednesday could be the new leader of the goth revival.

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