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Sundress Season: Summer 2024’s Breeziest and Best Styles

Summer has been deemed Sundress Season. Learn more about the appeal of sundresses and the Summer 2024 trend below!

Woman in green dress standing in front of mirror holding blue dress.
Credit: Shutterstock/Maria Markevich

As the weather gets warmer, comfortable clothing becomes a must. While there are many breezy, light clothing options for summer, the sundress has quickly become a seasonal wardrobe staple.

With so much versatility in its styles and designs, it is no surprise that sundresses have become so popular for the summer!

Sundress season is when the weather starts to heat up, and sundresses are the top choice of clothing that helps you stay cool and comfortable. While it can technically begin at the end of spring, summer is the main season for sundresses, given their airy feel that combats the extreme heat.

TikTok’s take on the trend:

As this user’s video shows, there is some debate on the specifics of sundresses:


@Jacqueline Lee what is a sundress? Let’s talk about this summers newest fashion trend revived again. I love a good dress #fashion #sundress #trends #genz #greenscreenvideo

♬ original sound – Andra

This user had a more direct answer to the question “What is a sundress?” as they compared it to other dress styles:

Along with these two videos, TikTok’s page dedicated to the trend shows that audiences have different opinions about what a sundress is. Some consider shorter, flowy dresses to fit the category, while others consider long, bodycon or tighter-fitting dresses to represent the style.

Since there is not a definitive answer as to what is and is not considered a sundress, the door is open to many different options and styles.

However, as mentioned later in the article, the milkmaid style sundress is a crowd favorite of the various styles.

All of this makes sundresses a great option for summer clothing that is both fashionable and functional.

Fashion articles on sundress season:

A May 2024 article from Cosmopolitan sums up the sundress trend effectively.

While sundresses can cover a variety of lengths, fabrics, and styles, the thing that separates a ~sundress~ from a ~regular dress~ is its ability to be worn under the unforgiving scorching sun (but never forget your SPF!). It should embody summer vibes and instantly transport you to carefree days filled with iced lattes and beach hangs. Typically, you’ll find cotton and linen to be the most breathable fabrics for these frocks—but you can easily have your spotlight moment in a satin dress as well! And even if your dress is on the longer side (we love you, maxis) doesn’t mean it wont catch the breeze and flow properly on a hot day.

Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien and Danielle Flum

Essentially, a sundress is whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in to wear for all your summer adventures.

Style recommendations: Where to start

While having many options for sundress styles can be a good thing, it can also be hard to determine what suits your taste when surrounded by so many choices. Below are recommendations for various sundress lengths, colors, and styles to help narrow down some of the best options available for Summer 2024.

This early June article from Glamour is a great guide. The article features a variety of dress styles that are perfect for the current summer season, some of which are shown below.

For those who prefer sundresses that fall into the category of longer length, this one from Amazon is a great choice:

Model wearing a blue floral flowy sundress.
Credit: Amazon

This Free People sundress is a great option for those who like floral prints and flowy dresses:

Model wearing a multicolored long flowy sundress.
Credit: Free People

For those who prefer the shorter length, this classy Abercrombie & Fitch sundress is perfect:

Model wearing a short plain white sundress.
Credit: Abercrombie & Fitch

This Amazon Midi sundress is ideal for those unsure if they prefer shorter or longer sundresses, since it falls right in the middle:

Model wearing a baby pink flowy mid-length dress.
Credit: Amazon

More style recommendations for sundress season:

The previously mentioned Cosmopolitan article features numerous unique sundress styles to appeal to a broad audience. From patterned dresses to satin slips to simple linen numbers, there is something for just about everyone on their list.

As mentioned, the milkmaid sundress is very popular. It is featured in Nicolette Baker’s May 2024 Byrdie article, which discusses its details and appeal.

This dress from Reformation, featured in the article, provides a clear example of the milkmaid style:

Model wearing a cream linen mid length dress.
Credit: Reformation

Baker offers a clear explanation of the style’s details:

Simply defined, ​the milkmaid dress is a lightweight sundress with a structured corset bodice, gathered scoop neckline, and flowing A-line skirt. The vintage-inspired silhouette is incredibly versatile, so you’ll easily find the ruffled bodice on everything from elegant swimsuits to micro-mini rompers. 

Nicolette Baker

Again, while there is not necessarily a set definition of a sundress, the milkmaid style seems to be one of the leading styles for Summer 2024. This is also true based on the many TikTok videos dedicated to trying on and discussing the style.

One user’s video in particular features a beautiful yellow milkmaid dress that also perfectly captures the “sun” aspect of the sundress:


who needs a holiday when you have sunshine in a dress? this is one of my absolute fave dresses because you can wear it 3 ways – strapless, with the corset, or just the corset and jeans/skirt! How perfect would this dress be on holiday, garden party, farmer’s market, afternoon tea or if you’re anything like me you’ll be making any excuse to wear it Also is it me or does this dress give Belle from Beauty and the Beast 🥹🥹 The dress will be linked in my April links story highlights 💛 #summerdress #girlyoutfit #corsetdress #cottagecore #milkmaiddress #yellowdress #pinterestinspired #houseofcb

♬ Beauty and the Beast (from “Beauty and the Beast”) [Instrumental Orchestral Version] – Magic Philharmonic Orchestra

Another dress from Baker’s article is this Eloquii dress, which offers a shorter take on the milkmaid style and further encapsulates the versatility of sundress styles:

Model wearing a short, black, poplin dress.
Credit: Eloquii

According to these articles and the slew of TikTok videos, participating in the trend means finding a style that makes you feel your best and then sporting it all summer long!


While people have their preferences about specific kinds, sundresses are still a summer staple for their fun, lightweight, and versatile qualities. The sheer variety of styles, from patterns to ruffles to the milkmaid style, makes shopping for your perfect summer sundress fun and exciting.

Check out this Vogue article for even more recommendations to rock this sundress season!

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