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New Ric Flair Themed Adidas Are Stylin’ Beyond Belief

Here comes the shoe you didn’t even know you needed.

Credit: ricfalirnatureboy/Instagram

Ric Flair is one of those people who everyone knows about in some way or another. If you don’t, he was a famous wrestler in the 70’s with charism that could lead an army.

He was suave, smooth, kind of cocky yet everyone was obsessed with him for some reason. He was signed with WWE under a legends contract– that should say something. He also goes by the moniker “The Nature Boy”. So many refer to him in this regard as well.

Adidas has paired up with Ric Flair to create a startling new pair of fresh kicks. Honestly, this came out of left field in my perspective. I had no idea this was even in the works. Adidas never ceases to come up with unique new designs inspired by icons of pop-culture.

The shoes themselves are telling of Ric Flair’s, uh what would you call it? flamboyant style? I bet these shoes are born out of the womb with silk sheets and a velvet robe.

They aren’t technically released yet so the price is unknown. I’d hope they’d at least keep it modest. Not everyone can be as rich as Ric. All in all, The Nature Boy made big waves during his rein in ring. Now we got a new pair of shoes queued up to pay our respects.

Some more news on famous big spenders. 18 million was found in one of Pablo Escobar’s estates. I wonder what pair of shoes you could get for that?

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