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5 Best Celebrity Fashion Moments of 2023

These celebrities left memorable impressions on and off the runway with their personal fashion sense.

Image: Shutterstock

That’s a wrap! 2023 is officially over. There were many iconic moments in pop culture throughout the year.

The world turned light pink when we all got to take a trip to Barbie’s world this past summer to watch Barbie. And, more recently, the internet has been buzzing over the release of Gypsy Rose from prison.

However, some of the most notable pop-culture moments from this past year would have to be from 2023 celebrity fashion.

2023 has definitely been an experimental and bold year in the celebrity fashion world. No matter what you’re personal vibe and style, you’re guaranteed to love at least one of these celebrity looks. They’re unique, stylish and differ from one another.

1. Jenna Ortega at the 2023 Met Gala

Jenna Ortega is seen at the 2023 Met Gala wearing an elegant black dress and jacket with gold chains. She is also wearing a white shirt with a black bow.
Image: Shutterstock

The Wednesday star brought the dark and edgy vibes of her iconic character to life when she pulled up to the 2023 Met Gala. She was looking gothic in this mostly black, partially white look. The black dress with a matching black jacket with gold chains was a look many people loved. It had a feel of royalty to it in addition to the Wednesday vibes. She definitely proved that black is not always boring. It can be classy, fun and fashionable if done the correct way!

2. Margot Robbie at the 2023 Golden Globes Awards

Actress Margot Robbie standing on the carpet of the 2023 Golden Globes Awards. She is wearing a stylish light pink sleeveless dress with crystals.
Image: Shutterstock/Jim Ruymen

That’s enough talk about all things dark and edgy. On the complete opposite side, Margot Robbie looked stunning in a simple pink dress at the 2023 Golden Globes Awards.

Also, it turns out that Jenna Ortega wasn’t the only actor who seemed to be inspired by one of their characters. Margot Robbie’s outfit at the Golden Globes had a splash of Barbie’s flair despite the simplicity. The bottom half of her dress has got to be the most eye-catching part, embellished with tiny crystals blended in with the beautiful light pink fabric.

3. Justin Bieber out for a morning jog

Justin Bieber out for a jog in Los Angeles. He is wearing a dark blue zip-up hoodie and light blue jeans.
Image: Shutterstock

Award ceremonies weren’t the only places where celebrities looked quite fashionable in 2023. Apparently, jeans are the new sweatpants. It was definitely a bizarre moment for the internet this year when pop star Justin Bieber was spotted in Los Angeles going for a jog in thick, light blue jeans.

He was also seen in a cozy-looking dark blue zip-up hoodie as a top to complete the look. With the mix of the California weather, jeans, a dark-coloured sweater, all while going for a jog, you’d have to wonder, does this man even get hot?

It’s not every day you see someone out for a jog in the heat with such warm and restrictive clothes on. Not to mention pull it off in such a stylish way. Justin Bieber is probably the only pop star who could pull off something like this.

4. Selena Gomez at 2023 Paris Fashion Week

Selena Gomez wearing a white dress with black polka dots for 2023 Paris Fashion Week.
Image: Shutterstock

Selena Gomez stepped into the 2023 Paris Fashion Week by catching the entire public’s eye. She dazzled in a short white dress with black polka dots and puffy sleeves, along with black high heels. Dalmatian? Oreo? This outfit resembled so many different things that are black and white. It was unique and fresh, perfect for a fashion show.

5. Taylor Swift and her iconic street style outfits in 2023

Taylor Swift walking the streets of New York. She's looking stylish wearing a ball cap and long-sleeve button up shirt.
Image: Shutterstock

Ending off strong with a 2023 look from Miss Taylor Swift. With this sleuth-style ball cap, long-sleeve button-up, grey skirt, and black loafers, she looks like a main character who came straight out of a movie set in London, England.

In this outfit, it would be hard not to mistake her for an actress rather than a pop singer. Unlike in Bieber’s case, Swift was dressed perfectly for the cool summer New York City summer weather while still being one hundred per cent fashionable. And this is only just one of the many amazing looks Taylor Swift wore last year.

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