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Look Cool But Stay Warm With Vans’ Velvet Line

Some off the wall shoes.

Photo: Vans

Are you wanting to keep your feet warm yet stylish this winter? Look no further than Vans’ new velvet line, and stay as cool as the temperature.

Vans is rolling out the vintage for its most recent release. Instead of the usual canvas, the shoes’ uppers will be velvet material. Vans-lovers can enjoy their favorite iconic models – Old Skool, Slip-On, and Sk8-Hi Reissue – with a unique and plushier look and feel.

Five new jewel tones will be offered in the soft (and not to mention warm) fabric. The line’s shoes will feature black soles and inners. What a perfect way to show off your chill and your sophistication.

Even though the velvet shoes are quite swanky, they will actually be sold at the same price as the canvas shoes. Therefore, you have no reason not to grace your loved ones (or yourself!) with these babies as a holiday present.

Want to get ahead on that gifting to-do list? A few early releases of the line are available on Van’s website. Go check it out.

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