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How to Become the Ultimate “IT” Girl

We all see them and want to be them, “IT Girls” are everywhere and here is a simple guide on how to embrace your “IT Girl” allure effortlessly!

Two Positive Models. Credit: Shutterstock/ Halay Alex

Meet the ultimate “IT Girl” – the one who enters a room and radiates an energy that’s impossible to ignore. You can’t help but pause and take notice, even if just for a moment. Her indisputable dominance over the room isn’t solely about her looks; it’s her magnetic self-confidence that captivates everyone around her.

The “IT Girl” allure comes in two parts: The key to both lies in her effortlessness. She captures the room with her looks not because she puts in immense effort but due to her consistent commitment to looking put-together every day—even during an 8 am class on a Friday. Secondly, her radiant self-confidence makes participating in a 200-person lecture hall seem effortlessly easy.

Embracing that captivating energy is something we all aspire to. To help you tap into this energy, here are some practical tips that can effortlessly be applied to your daily routine, setting you on the path to embodying the “IT Girl” you aspire to be.

Lovable caucasian girls expressing positive emotions to camera. Credit: Shutterstock/ Look Studio

Part 1: Her Looks

The essence of an “IT Girl’s” look lies in her self-care routine, emphasizing the importance of feeling comfortable in her skin because, after all, confidence is the most radiant glow a girl can have. Here are some effortlessly chic tips to maintain that polished appearance:

Indulge in an “everything shower” once a week: Exfoliate, shave and sing in the shower. Follow it up with a hair and face mask for a revitalizing treat. This not only leaves you looking refreshed but feeling revived as well. Here are some products we recommend for a good shower. 

Woman showering and rubbing hands under water jet at home. Credit: Shutterstock/Pheelings Media

It’s important to note that while these products are recommendations, the key is to find what you personally love and what works best for you. The “everything shower” is ultimately about feeling good and treating yourself, a moment of self-care to appreciate and reward yourself for all that you do every day. Tailoring your routine to your preferences ensures that it becomes a meaningful and enjoyable part of your self-care ritual. After all, you’ll only do it if you really enjoy it. 

Maintain perfectly manicured nails: Whether or not you wear polish, keep your nails at a consistent length and shape. Consider adding a simple top coat or nail protector for a glossy finish. Play with fun colors like red, lilac, or blue if you’re feeling adventurous. Here are some products we recommend for that easy manicure at home. 

Nail technician giving the customer a manicure at the nail salon. Credit: Shutterstock/Ground Picture

Craft a signature scent: An “IT Girl” leaves a lasting impression with her scent. Try layering your perfume with other personal care products like shampoo, body mist, and lotion for maximum efficiency. 

Perfume Bottles. Credit: Shutterstock/ Vladimir Razgulyaev

Focus on cheeks, lips, and lashes in makeup: For a natural rosy look, opt for a cream blush that can be effortlessly applied and blended with your fingers, perfect for the chilly winter months. Serena Van der Woodsen’s wisdom holds true: “Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun.” Keep your lips hydrated and experiment with lip products to make a statement. As for lashes, invest in a quality eyelash serum for strong and long lashes, even on makeup-free days.




Lip Gloss:

Lip Liner:



Eyelash Serum:


Closeup portraits of beautiful brunette model girl with long hair and bright red lipstick on lips. Credit: Shutterstock/Anton Vierietin

Part 2: Her energy

An “IT Girl,” as we mentioned before, extends far beyond appearances. She commands a room with her presence, always staying organized and on top of things with a well-managed schedule. Her positivity is infectious, and she willingly extends a helping hand, embodying the spirit of a true girl’s girl. She values empathy and promotes a sense of sorority, even when it may not seem necessary.

Confidence is a key trait of an ‘IT Girl.’ It might be challenging to embrace all these qualities at once, but the mantra ‘fake it till you make it’ can be a powerful ally. Confidence isn’t necessarily about feeling confident right away; it’s about allowing yourself to step forward and share your thoughts. It’s easy to overthink and hold back but trust that your perspective is valuable, and it’s better to express it.

Ultimately, an “IT Girl” fearlessly makes her presence known to the world. While looks may attract attention, it’s your personality that will take you further. Let your true self shine, even in moments that may seem daunting. Embrace the authenticity within you.

Stunning cute girl with curly brown hair posing with pleasure on purple background.  Credit: Shutterstock/Look Studio

When in doubt, it’s crucial to take a step back, breathe, and reconnect with who you are. Confidence, much like any other skill in life, is something that can be cultivated through practice. The more you actively work on being confident, the more it becomes a natural part of you. Consistent practice transforms confidence from an effortful exercise to a second-nature aspect of your personality. So, breathe, embrace who you are, and let the journey of building your confidence become a part of your daily practice.

DON’T forget that, after all these are just tips, and there is nothing more important to be an “IT Girl” than to stay true to yourself. Keep what resonates best with you and with what will make YOU feel best. Always be proud to be yourself, at the end of the day that’s the magic of an “IT Girl”-she is not trying to be anyone else but herself. 

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I am a freshman at Boston University studying Journalism and Public Relations. I grew up in Mexico City and I am currently living in Boston.

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