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High-Rise vs Low-Rise: Which Will be the Trend of 2023?

The low-rise and High-rise jean dilemma for Gen Z will be a hard debate for 2023.

As 2023 kicks off, aesthetics and micro trends are ever-changing. The 2000s look has been moved to the forefront in terms of fast fashion and has even been seen in some couture pieces. Jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe, and there are so many variations of the beloved denim piece. High-rise and Low-rise are the top picks for 2023.

To start to look for the perfect pair of jeans that suits your style and body type, you need to decide between multiple components; High rise, mid-rise, low rise waistbands. There are skinny, bootcut, baggy, or completely deconstructed ripped jeans. Do you like Medium wash? Acid wash?

The 2000s loved low-rise jeans. The lower the waist, the better visibility for the tramp stamp or belly ring piercing, which were hot commodities in the aughts. Millennials love mid-rise or high-rise. Gen Z has had the ability to experiment with all 3 categories.

High-rise jeans were more popular in the 1960-1970’s hippy era. Photo by svetanos/ Shutterstock.

As 2022 and our new upcoming year have taught us one thing, it is that we have the freedom to wear essentially whatever we want. Gen-Z has the power right now to conquer the divide between the question; Which is better? High-rise or Low rise jeans?

High-rise fitted jeans are targeted for a more athletic build or curvy build. Someone who has a smaller waist than their hip size would rock the high-rise look. Also, High rise is paired great with bootcut or flared style jeans, allowing a great body-dominate figure.

More recently, brands like American Eagle and Hollister have been producing high-rise jeans with loose-fitted pant legs. This caters to the younger generation because of its diversity and comfort. Usually named “skater” or “boyfriend jeans”.

“Ultra High-rise” with a baggier pant leg from Hollister.

Moreover, Low-rise jeans can be easily worn in similar styles as high-rise. Low rise allows more of the midriff and naval area to be revealed, maybe paired with a tight top or bikini-style top for a night out. Low rises are recommended if you want to show off your curves in a more revealing way. Low-rise also looks great on slimmer figures.

The new wave in micro tends in 2022/2023 is showing off undergarments. Of course, this is a recycled trend from the late 90s and early 2000s. Men and women have done this with thongs or boxer briefs. Now, Gen Z loves to flaunt their name-brand boxers from Calvin Klein, Fendi, and so on.

Low rise paired with baggier pant legs allows for a more relaxed look. Above jeans are from PacSun.

Showing off your underwear with low-rise jeans has willed designers to experiment with their jean’s pant legs. While the 2000s had low-rise bootcut or skinny, now we are seeing low-rise with the widest pant legs like baggy or extra long. This gives the lower body dimension and avoids odd shapes or too much ‘excess’.


Replying to @arghawansadeqi LETS SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL WITH ROUND 2

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Many people have gone to TikTok, like user @rachspeed above, to compare different outfits with low-rise and high-rise jeans. Some prefer low-rise, while others will die for a high-rise. It is all about preference.

All in all, no matter what someone choices to wear, it is their choice. It will depend on your body type, what is most comfortable, or what your mood is that day. Many like to mix it up and wear all styles!

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