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Fancy Some Really Expensive Crocs? Get Your Hands On The Balenciaga Pre-Sale

The thing you never knew you needed or wanted.

Photograph: Balenciaga

These $850 monstrosities are now available to buy from Balenciaga! Having made their catwalk debut last year, these very expensive crocs are making their way into the homes of the fashion-savvy. 

Unfortunately, if you were desperate to get your hands on these… they have already sold out! So all the croc fans out there will have to wait for a formal release, your $850 is safe for now!

The crocs are available in two colours, your standard pink and also a totally new and randomly named colour of “toast”. If you’re wondering what colour “toast” is, I would say a brown-grey. But check the photos out for yourself to see their “beauty”.

Check these out:

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With the ability to customise your shoes with various pins which can be attached to the holes in the shoes, you can show off your crocs with a unique and dazzling style!

With the new addition of a platform heel to the shoe, it would appear that crocs are evolving with an attempt to make them glamorous footwear. But you still won’t see me strutting these around my uni campus!

I am at a loss as to why anyone would be interested in these world-renowned ‘ugly shoes’. They aren’t even that comfy? However, I must refrain from being too scathing about the shoe as my own flatmate wears them religiously and thinks they are the peak of fashion…

Ugly shoes really won’t quit this season, check out the new way Ugg are trying to make their boots more couture

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