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Eminem Is Auctioning Off His Iconic Sneakers For Charity

Great gesture.

Image via Shock Mansion

Famous rap star Eminem has decided to auction off some of his most iconic sneakers for Charity. 

Eminem Is most known for his work in the rap industry creating hits like Mocking Bird, Lose yourself, and Love the Way you Lie. Although he had taken a break from music, Eminem is coming back in a huge way.

To celebrate dropping his 9th Album revival, Eminem is teaming up with the company Stock-X to auction off some of his sneaker collection for charity.

The shoes being auctioned all have a unique story and have been used by Eminem throughout his career. Many of them have been signed by influential people in his life including Dr.Dre. The highest selling pair being a set of Jordan 4 Encores that are not sold publically. 

Although these shoes come with a hefty price tag, all proceeds are going towards the Marshall Mathers Foundation to help fund the Detroit community initiatives. For those who don’t know, Marshall Mathers is Eminem’s legal name. When asked by a reporter why he used his legal name instead of his rap name for his foundation he stated that he wanted his philanthropy to be done quietly and privately.         

If you enjoyed reading this article, here is another I found about who Eminem is and who Influenced him

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