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Have a Very Corbyn Christmas- You Can Now Get a Jeremy Corbyn Christmas Jumper!

Corbyn and his (magic money) Christmas tree.

Image: notjust

2017 has been a tough and action-packed year in terms of politics. Christmas is a time of year to wind down, spend time with family, and have fun! But for some, there is no rest from the on-going political concerns in our society, so why not intertwine Corbyn’s left-wing politics and Christmas?

Corbyn may not have made the cut as prime minister, but he’s still very much in everyone’s hearts. This Corbyn Christmas jumper is a way for all the Corbynistas to truly show their devotion to him, and indeed, his policies.

Source: The BackBencher

You could say that this Christmas jumper is for the many, not the few. I guess Christmas is an all-inclusive time to love and support everyone around you. So for some, the ideas underpinning Cobyn’s politics intertwines perfectly with the festive season. I mean, if the guy had a beard, he’d actually look pretty similar to Santa Clause himself.

Image result for jeremy corbyn father christmasCredit: BBC

(The similarity is uncanny, isn’t it?)

The Jumper:


The jumper will be sold by not just and features a knitted picture of Jeremy Corbyn’s face. The ‘Jerry Christmas’ is admittedly a bit cheesy, but the design itself is pretty cool. With the traditional Christmas colours of white and red, it could even be worn as just a fashion statement (but probably not).

The jumper is also made with only 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. As an aspiring vegan, the reduced use of wool is in keeping with Corbyn’s own values. There are currently only 250 of the Corbyn jumpers available. At £35, they are not unreasonably priced- so if you’re a true Corbyn fan you’d better hurry up and order HERE before they all go.

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