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CARMAR Denim Designs Extreme Cutout Jeans And They’re Flying Off the Shelves

I personally like a little more jean than this.

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Every year the fashion statements get more and more bizarre. And it’s a wonder how some of them even become fashion statements to begin with.

It’s all up to the people, right? If the people like it, it sells. Especially when they are looking for a new outfit for Coachella. That’s where people were sporting this latest fashion disaster. And just wait till you see it. I warn you to scroll down slowly.

CARMAR Denim is responsible for the pants you see above, if you dare call them that. CARMAR describes it as “a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back”. Understatement? Haha.

The even bigger joke is that the pants are selling for $166 (or £122 if you’re in Europe), and people are actually buying them!

I like my jeans with a little more jean, if you know what I mean. But if you can rock these, then by all means. You’re obviously cooler than I am.

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