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Ajak Deng: One Model’s Story From A Refugee Camp To The Glamorous Runway

One models inspiring story from refugee camp to runway!


Ajak Deng’s modelling career took off around a decade ago but before all the glitz and glamour, life was not so sparkly for her.

Originally born in Sudan, Ajak and her family were caught up in the civil war resulting in them having to flee to a refugee camp in Kenya where they ended up living for 3 years.

Things did not get any better for the family however and after her mother sadly passed away from Malaria, Ajak now aged 11, and the rest of her family were moved to Melbourne at the request of the Australian government.

But if it weren’t for this move, Ajak may never have got to where she is today. Despite initially wanting a career in the army, Ajak was encouraged by her school to check out modelling.

“They knew I loved to travel and had a thing for fashion and suggested modelling, and since then I haven’t looked back” Ajak explained to The Sydney Morning Herald.

After making her debut at Melbourne fashion week, Ajak’s dazzling looks and catwalk sassy-ness rightfully earned her a place as one of the top runway models

However, after moving to New York and finding that her race resulted in her being booked far less than white models, Ajak then announced in a now-deleted Instagram post from February 2016:

“I am happy to announce that I am officially done with the fashion industry, I will be moving back to Australia in order to live the life that I fully deserved, which is real life. I can no longer deal with the fakes and the lies…My life is too short for this dramatic life”.

Whatever happens for Ajak now, there is no doubt that the journey she went on from being raised on a refugee camp to a successful career in the fashion world is one to be admired, and the fact she stands up for her morals… even better! We salute you Ajak!

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