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Can James Gunn Save the DCU?

James Gunn has just announced a wide slate of DC movies and shows, but why? Read to find out!

Image: Warner Bros

James Gunn has recently announced his plans for the new DCU, and there have been various responses across the board. Some people love the new plans, others hate them, and some are in between. The DCEU has been a mess, but the question persists, can James Gunn save the DCU?

What did James Gunn Announce?

All-Star Superman, DCU Chapter 1, Credit: Warner Bros

James Gunn announced a lot of projects including their core characters, but also a ton of more obscure characters. He announced projects for Booster Gold, Swamp Thing, and some other weirder properties. What stood out the most about James Gunn’s pitch was how he treated Superman. For a while now, Warner Bros didn’t really know what to do with Clark. Add to the fact fans weren’t happy with the direction they took Superman, it hasn’t been easy for him. Luckily, James Gunn seems to understand that Supes needs to be hopeful again, and that’s the key to his character. It doesn’t look like Superman is going to be snapping any more people’s necks.

Now There are Two Batmen?

Brave and the Bold, DCU Chapter 1, credit: Warner Bros

One of the most pressing concerns of the new plans announced is the fact there will be two live-action Batmen on screen. Robert Pattinson is currently owning the role in his own trilogy with Matt Reeves as the director, and fans are worried that two people playing Batman at once will make the Batman brand less valuable in the long run. Granted, the version of Batman in this new universe was described by Gunn to be very different from the Pattinson version. The new Batman would be more focused on his relationship with his family and would have to deal with Damian Wayne becoming Robin, who is the most violent Robin to date. Safe to say, these Batmen will be very different.

Can This Even Make Sense?

Supergirl, DCU Chapter 1, Credit: Warner Bros

Fans have been clamoring for a new take on DC for years, and they’re finally getting it. Obviously, fans are wondering how this will work with the movies coming up. The Flash movie is seemingly going to reset the universe but still, keep around the elements that people like. It sounds messy from the get-go, but with an age of multiverse Spider-Man movies, it doesn’t sound as ridiculous as it would have a few years ago. DC has a long uphill battle to fight in order to make these movies work, but it still can. The movies and shows look promising, and if anyone in Hollywood can make this work, it’s the guy who made a talking tree a household name.

If you want to learn about some movies that unfortunately didn’t see the light of day, check out this article right here!

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