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WATCH: Oddball Artist Explains What Painting On DMT Is Like

Pretty colors…

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, Viceland

Most of us are just wondering what it’s like to be on DMT, let alone what it’s like to make artwork while tripping out.

Thankfully, there’s one artist out there who is willing to take the plunge himself: Joe Roberts, otherwise known as “LSD WorldPeace,” is a San Francisco-based painter and self-described “Average Joe that smokes DMT occasionally.”

Check out Roberts recount, or at least try to recount some of his psychedelic experiences, and how he tried to emulate those experiences in his painting:

While Roberts does seem a bit spaced out in the video, his work is really interesting. And I had no idea that DMT can be made right at home, though I don’t think I’ll be making any soon.

The clip is from Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, a Viceland docuseries that explores the history of the world’s strangest drugs. Here’s a link to the rest of the Viceland channel.

For more drug-fueled artwork, check out these self-portraits an artist made to express the different highs of an array of drugs, from cocaine and heroin to crystal meth.

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