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VIDEO: The 60-Ton Junk Cathedral in Austin, Texas

Vince’s bin men haven’t visited in years.

VICE / YouTube
One man’s trash is another man’s… place of worship? It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Since the 1980s, Austin resident Vince Hanneman has been on a mission to maintain the “few quirks [they] have left” in the city.

Self-proclaimed “local character” Vince has spent the last 31 years on this ecclesiastical endeavour – all from the comfort of his own backyard.

Great works of art take time, and the Junk Cathedral is no exception. It’s an impressive architectural feat, boasting three structurally sound floors, which are accessible via a sturdy staircase.

What might seem like a glorified scrap heap to some is actually an intricate collection of disposed parts, each one painstakingly arranged by Vince himself.

Take a look here at the Cathedral in all its glory.

We’ve got to give credit to Vince where it’s due – this is pretty impressive, and definitely original.
Team Trash

Vince might do the vast majority of the work on his own, but accumulating that much material is made easier by his supporters and the local community, who help him out by sending and donating items that could be useful for further construction.

If Austin is a place that’s known for its vibrant population with an eclectic style, then Vince’s project captures its essence perfectly. With that said, we’re pretty sure the entire city doesn’t smell like a junkyard.

Here’s another weird and wonderful stateside location: check out California’s purpose-built pilot suburb.

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