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VIDEO: Swastika Graffiti Washed Away Creatively

Positive graffiti is a thing that everyone should copy to their own city.


A group of people is washing out swastikas graffiti from Berlin walls,  covering them up with humorous drawings and love. 

Graffiti exists since ancient times, seems to date back to ancient Egypt, to the roman and greek empires, and people use them in many different ways, as they are very versatile.

Nevertheless, Berlin has the title of “graffiti Mecca of the urban art world” and the walls of this city are a clear image of this motion.

However, some graffiti should have never been drawn because of its negative message to the world.

And an activist called Ibo Omari decided to fight back against the negative graffiti in his city.

Below, is a video explaining how Iban Omari created a street artist group to cover swastika:

I say some people should start doing this in their cities but still graffiti is illegal in many countries.

Still, if you ever find negative graffiti on your legal graffiti wall, then, don’t be afraid to cover it.

Do you want to read more? Then check this out.

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