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Tattoos, Eyelids, Society: One Word is Not Like the Others

Tattoos on top of your eyes, what can go wrong?

Photo by Abstral Official on Unsplash

When it comes to pain, I’m sure nobody is willing to submit themselves to it without (what they perceive to be) a good cause. Some of these causes include, but are not limited to; Beauty, Art, Fame, and Fortune. One of the Beauty/Art aspects of this that people are willing to pain themselves over is tattoos. Big or small, meaningful or not, tattoos are a part of life. Maybe not your life directly, but with how normalized everything is becoming, maybe when it comes to tattoos instead of thinking “if”, you should begin to think “when” & “where” and recently, the question of “where” is becoming a lot more important. 

Eyelid tattoos are just another addition to a long list of locations you can apply permanent ink to your canvas of a body. Now, I’m not claiming that this act is something new, but it has recently gone mainstream. Well, mainstream if your pain tolerance is that of the legends of the pain Olympics. Anyway, the newest form of expression to hit the general public is a little something I like to call “poke the skin that covers the organ to need to be able to see with a pointy needle and injects a foreign toxin into them” or as your average joe would call it, eyelid tattoos. One reason it may have started to trend recently is that of the idea it’s attempting to project. This idea of rebellion against the norm. Doing something outlandish and not something a normal person would do, makes you out as different. Combine that with the possibility that the person who is getting the eyelid tattoo is being told they are different and already perceives themselves as different, and voila, a trend is born. So, how exactly painful is it?

Good news and bad news folks. After some research, it depends on the person. On one side, you have people who will say the numbing cream applied does wonder. On the other side, you have someone who says even with the numbing cream, it feels like there is none. Now, before you get ink happy and decide you want to the awesome collection of tattoos consisting of Chinese symbols and barbed wire across your wrist, there are some things you need to know before getting a tattoo on your eyelids. Firstly, it has to be short, sweet and to the point. The eyelid is only a thin layer of skin protecting the eye so too much ink can cause damage if the artist in inexperienced. While the process may be slightly different than getting a tattoo on your arm or leg, it’s still the same concept. sharp needle, real ink. That being said. you also need to find somebody qualified to tat your eyelid. A guy who knows a guy probably isn’t a good idea. You need somebody who trained and has done eyelid tattoos before. Finally, and this applies to every tattoo not only eyelid ones, think long and hard about what you want to get permanently ingrained into your eyelid. You do have a few options whether it be a word, saying, geometric shape or symbol. You also do have the option of only getting a tattoo on one eyelid. Why you would is beyond me.

You might be asking yourself “Well, what do the eyelid tattoos say?” Oh, you know, just your normal “Fuck you” and “Eat Shit” and other small short little sayings meant to signify that that wearer of the tattoo realises what they’ve done is against the norm of society (which if you think about it, may prove counterproductive considering the more it happens, the more normalized it becomes and the more apart of society it becomes, but that’s an argument for another time). I understand the whole “beauty is pain” and “rebel against the system” concept behind it all, I just personally think if you’re going to do something as intense as getting it sketched on to your face and then going even further by putting it on your eye, it should definitely say something meaningful instead of “Fuck you”. Instagram pages such as “indyvoet” and “cryptic tattoo” do showcase some very awesome eyelid tattoos that both do get the point across of rebellion against the norm, and say something meaningful.

Overall, I have nothing against tattoos. I actually find them very interesting and plan to get one of my own very soon. However, I do believe there is a fine line between a normal, meaningful tattoo in a casual place, and imprinting something relatively asinine on a vital spot on the body.
Image via cryptictatto Instagram account

And if you think these tattoos might be a mistake, wait until you see how messed up THESE are.

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