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Tattoo Sleeves For Cat Are Becoming A Thing

If you ever thought about getting tattoos for your cat… Now is the time.

Credit: Etsy/Airie McCready

Airie McCready runs the Etsy shop SimplyShinx , which sells things for your cat, including tattoo sleeves.

The tattoo sleeves are tops that a cat can wear, which makes them look like they are tatted-up.

Here are a few pictures:

Credit: Etsy/Airie McCready
Credit: Etsy/Airie McCready

The Tattcat top range around $20 and come in different style and colors.

Designer Airie told Metro: “The idea came to me when a friend showed me a silly fake tattoo sleeve and teased me how I did not have to get ink, I could have gotten one of these (I have a lot of tattoos).

“I grabbed it from him and thought, ‘If only I knew how to sew'”

So if you ever thought about getting your cat tatted up, today is the day.

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