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Stationery Products Turned Into Street Furniture

You take a seat from a long day at work, only to find out that the seat reminds you of work…

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Stationery ProductsYou’re walking down the street and you need a place to sit. You take a seat on a bench and you notice that the bench doesn’t feel right. You look and feel around the bench and notice that it’s not your everyday day bench. It’s a bench that’s shaped like a stationary supply you probably use in your day to day life.

Stationery Products
Image via The Guardian

Pieces of street furniture shaped like stationery products popped up around certain places in honor of National Stationery Week, which was earlier this month. Neal Whittington, who’s the founder of the cult London stationary shop, Present & Correct, looked online for oversized images of stationery products in the art style of Claes Oldenburg. Rather than finding pictures of sculptures, he found public furnishings that were inspired by office equipment.

Whittington was amazed by the original sculptures with him saying,

“I like that these everyday objects have been blown up, but the form hasn’t changed and they obtain entirely new functions.”

Quote via The Guardian

He continues on with him saying,

“They’re eye-catching, they’re humorous: they make your day-to-day a little bit more enjoyable.”

Quote via The Guardian
Stationery Products
Image of The Guardian

Paperclip back racks in Washington D.C., computer keyboard seating in Russia, and a colored pencil bench in Ukraine. Who would’ve known that office supplies would be a good use of street furniture! It adds a pop of color or an unusual touch to a major city that might be dull and bland.

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