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Someone Has Put Jeremy Corbyn’s Name On Famous Brands And It’s Great


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Election, Election, Election.

What? There is an election?

For the past month, we have been fed so much information. This party will do that, that party will do this. But is what we are hearing really what we want to know?

Parties ‘telling tales’ on one another to get us to like them best. Hmmm, I thought we had grown out of the school yard.

This seems to be a recurring cycle, you say something bad about me and I will say it right back at you. However, a group called ‘Corbyn Rebrand’ have decided to break out of this cycle.

Tired of the way Jeremy Corbyn has been portrayed in the recent media they have set out to rebrand him and show how relevant his policies are in our every day lives.

Based on Instagram as @corbynrebrand the founders Fiona and Laura have been able to reach out to many people and make them aware of the labour policies.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine many people have read the whole of the Labour manifesto. I mean 128 pages is a lit. Yet by putting up a well-known logo we are made to stop and read the words beside it.

This is education working in the modern world. Where people don’t have time to sit down and read pages and pages of text. But a simple explanation of what it all means gives people the knowledge to make an informed choice about who they think should be running the country.

Fair pay for all ?

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Fuck yes. Today is THE last day to register. Click the link in the bio ??

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I literally spend more money on trains than I do on food… ??

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10,000 apparently. Crime down, jobs up. ??

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Exactly ?? Could not be further from today’s Tory manifesto deja poo – heard all that shit before ?

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Bye Theresa ??

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So. Fucking. Important.

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Perhaps there is some tweaking that can be done, I mean I have no idea what Nandos has to do with the fire service. It’s the logo that stops you from scrolling down the news feed and the 5 to 15 words underneath that show you what Labour’s policies are on all kinds of topics.

This rebranding is the kind of new and fresh idea that makes people actually gain some knowledge about politics and gets them involved, even if they don’t realise it.

Perhaps this is the first step in positive advertising for parties, maybe we can learn more about the actual policies rather than how well the party leader can eat a bacon sandwich.

Well…we can dream anyway.

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