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Snoop Dogg Has Revealed Himself To Be Cozomo Medici

NFT influencer “Cozomo de’ Medici” has just unveiled his true identity: Snoop Dogg.

Credit: The Come Up Show/Flickr

Many in the cryptocurrency, bitcoin, NFT (non-fungible tokens) world travel through the web anonymously. But while initially choosing to remain as such, NFT influencer “Cozomo de’ Medici” has just unveiled his true identity: Snoop Dogg.

Honestly, I can’t say that this surprises me 

He tweeted on Monday that his identity would soon be revealed. As his “considerable fame” would make certain that his big reveal tweet would be seen by those who wanted to know.

“Those who do not care, or simply prefer not to know,” he also tweeted, “may simply not research.”

He also noted in the same thread that he would give one random person who shared and found the tweet 1 ETH to “make [things] more fun.”

That lucky winner found the tweet that read “I am @CozomoMedici” on Snoop Dogg’s account shortly after.  

Any good Snoop fan knows he’s into NFTs and that his current Twitter avatar is an NFT owned by Cozomo. Just like any Cozomo fan knows that Medici once helped Jason Derulo buy an NFT.

So, it makes sense that Snoop Dogg is telling the truth in this tweet, right?

Well, no.

For one thing, Cozomo tweeted that he was in Italy on September 5, while Snoop Dogg was posting on Instagram in and around Los Angeles on the 4 and 6 of September. While Snoop was performing at Dame Lillard’s wedding on September 3, Cozomo was tweeting a picture of pizza in Italy.

Cozomo tweeted another photo of himself in Italy on September 10 with Derulo. But, while faces are blurred by their NFT avatars, it’s very clear that Cozomo is a white man. The 5’10” Jason Derulo is standing over this anonymous figure, which would not be the case if the 6-foot Snoop Dogg was Cozomo.

Maybe Cozomo isn’t actually in Italy and Snoop Dogg has changed his syntax in his tweets to embody a Medici persona. Maybe those images are faked and this is all true.

But more likely than not, it’s probably just some scheme. So, I don’t know that I would go around saying Snoop Dogg is a big NFT guy just yet.

Speaking of which, check out more on NFTs here

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