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Mini ‘Back to the Future’ Sculptures Are Wildly Life-Like

Great Scott!

Credit: Juliana LePine

Sure there are probably mini figurines of the Back to the Future cast out there already. But we bet you haven’t seen anything like these sculptures yet.

Brazilian artist Juliana LePine spends her days sculpting exquisitely intricate figurines. Many of her pieces are of famous individuals: Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Aniston, and Doc Brown. What makes LePine’s works stand out are the incredible life-like qualities she painstakingly details into them.

Credit: Juliana LePine

LePine’s latest work of famed Back to the Future doctor Doc Brown is no exception. She starts her work with a bare human skull of clay and a wire skeleton. From there the crude frame is transformed into an impeccable work of art.

Check out the video below of LePine sculpting Doc Brown. He’s accurate even down to the wide eyes and Nikes!

Check out this artist who did a complete 180 of LePine’s work. He makes larger-than-life sculptures of giant people!

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