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Enamel Pins Are All You Need to Complete Your Wardrobe

It’s art you can wear!

It really does suck to surf the wave of a new trend too late. My hope is that by reading this article, you will be able to add a little extra spice to your wardrobe, perhaps even right on time. 

Enamel pins are not only breaking the boundaries of what is popular in style nowadays, but they’re also what’s keeping young, aspiring artists from being totally broke. Enamel pins are like half-brooch, half-sticker, all art. They are wearable memes!

These stylish accessories found their way to fame through Instagram. And just like anything else, the popularity of enamel pins spread like wildfire. It all started with artists like Eduardo Morales, who is the mastermind behind his very successful Pinlord website and Instagram account. Here’s his take on it:

“Apart from giving people a fun accessory to pin on their jackets or backpacks, which is just plain fun, I think the deeper impact on fashion has come from the fact that enamel pins have made it accessible for anyone to start small fashion-related business for less than $200,” said Morales.

And enamel pins don’t even cost that much to make. This allows artists to create unique artworks that people can wear for maybe ten bucks as opposed to spending thousands to hang said artworks on their walls. Since there are platforms of social media, such as Instagram, that summon a quick demographic of shoppers and art-appreciaters, artists can make money fast. No longer will you be a starving artist.

People like Alex Dakoulas have founded their very own pin purchasing site. Dakoulas’ site is called Strange Ways and it was also birthed through the womb of Instagram. Thanks to his shop, it’s even easier to get ahold of a pin you like or even reach out to get a personalized piece made. What makes these pins so special is that they are artworks that represent just a little of who you are, depending on how you choose to wear it. Here’s how Dakoulas’ feels about it:

“I think the customizable aspect is very important,” said Dakoulas. “With pins specifically, you can remove them, you can take them from one thing to another, you can put them on a hat one day and then put them onto your bag and onto your coat…I think people don’t want to be told what to wear anymore. We’re savvy enough to know that. We have all these resources, we have magazines, we have style blogs. We can get inspired by people, and we can do it ourselves.”

Instagram has become a big art portfolio, where any artist with internet access can showcase their work, whether they do enamel pins, comedy skits, or even makeup. It’s actually pretty inspiring. I’m about to go buy my first enamel pin now!

If you love enamel pins, you would definitely love this Massive Tattoo on this man’s back!

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