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Climate Change Inspired Artwork Shows Our Vulnerable Earth

These paintings show what we should be doing for the planet.

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What do electric powered cars and art have in common? Not much, until now.

Mercedes-Benz and American artist Zaria Forman have paired up to spread awareness of what climate change is doing to the planet. Coinciding with the launch of Mercedes new EQ series of cars, which are electric and heading toward emission-free, Forman has showcased her amazing artwork.

A long process that includes travelling to the coldest areas of Earth and taking thousands of photos, Zaria creates huge paintings of the ever-changing water and ice. In the Arctic and Antarctic, we all know the ice-caps are melting. However, the aim of Zaria’s work is to show scientific research into something that people can visibly enjoy.

Her paintings involve remarkable details that chart the constant effects of climate change on the ice. The artist discusses how her conversations with locals of Antarctica showed her that the ice was freezing how it once had. Following her fascination with the different stages of water, she began translating this to canvas to raise awareness.

The introduction of Mercedes’ new EQ series of technology is something that Forman believes in. She stated; “There are a number of things that people can do in their own everyday lives to make positive change for our environment.”

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