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This Incredible Artist Turns Your Favorite TV Show and Films Into Pixel Art

Painting with pixels!

Credit: Gustavo Viselner

Gustavo Viselner is an artist based in Israel who has an amazing eye for art. He converts memorable scenes from movies and television to craft a unique type of digital painting. After going to Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem as well as the School of Visual Arts in New York City he continued his work as a freelance illustrator as well as a game designer. 

“Pixel-Art is an art formed by lack, emerging back in the happy 8-bit days of the 80s. It is a foundation stone of video gamer’s folklore. For me, pixel art is no longer just a graphics tool for games, but a form of art that can stand out without having a video game to support it.”

Despite the decade-old origins of his artwork, he keeps his approach modern with subjects like NarcosBreaking BadRick and MortyWalking DeadThe Handmaid’s Tale and others. Check out some of his work below and visit Gustavo’s Behance page for more.

For more incredible artwork techniques you can watch how this artist explains painting on DMT,

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