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You Can Now Get a Tattoo That Includes Other People’s DNA

The science of forever.

Photo by Adrian Boustead from Pexels

The new trend is DNA Tattoos, otherwise known as Biogenic Tattoos which are created with ink made of hair, cremated ashes and other forms of DNA.

Seem a little gross? Well, you win some or you lose some.

Thanks to Endeavour Science and their product; Everence, a powdery substance that features traces of another human’s (or even animal’s) genetic code, we can now include DNA of loved ones into our tattoo designs.

It is already practised in Canada, Sweden and other places. DNA tattoos are also becoming a huge trend in the United States.

Using Everence, you can engrave your loved ones into your skin permanently, they will be with you always.
The creators wanted you to be able to “to capture the essence of what is truly meaningful to you, and carry it with you on your journey through life.”

This trend is a hit on social media and Instagram!

The driving force behind the creation of DNA Tattoos, Patrick Duffy, says that his inspiration came from an unexpected place. He was in Key Largo, Florida, when he was running a special scuba diving program for military veterans. He came across a woman with a leg tattoo dedicated to her late husband, a Navy SEAL killed in combat.

Speaking to the New York Times, Duffy explains:

“In that moment, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to turn that tattoo into a reliquary?’ To put a piece of something she cared about, maybe even her husband, into the tattoo itself?”

It took a while for his dream to come to life but now it has and it is gracing social media!

Still not convinced? Well, the technology according to the website, is consistent with what the U.S requires for safety and quality of cosmetics, also, it does not impact the genetic makeup of the surrounding tissue.

However, if you are thinking about investing, it’s not cheap. The DNA extraction alone is $640, and on top of that, you have to pay the tattoo artist as well.

So what do you guys think? It’s sentimental, but is it worth it? What is your stance on DNA tattoos?

If you are unsure about DNA Tattoo’s, what do you think about tattoos on your eyelids? Better or worse?

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