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Artist’s Reddition of Modern Life, Possibly A Little Too Accurate?

We are definitely on our phones too much!

Art. A very opinionated subject.

By that I mean there are some who would never want to see the painting again let alone pay millions of pounds to have it hanging on their living room wall.

The artist Alex Gross although born in the big apple is now based in Los Angeles.

At 48 he has brought out a new collection, sharing with us his thoughts on modern life.

Alex Gross 6

Alex Gross 11

Although we may all agree that people do spend too much time in their phones did we really think that it was this bad? That we are ignoring all of our surroundings because of what is happening, or not happening, 100 miles away.

Alex Gross 10

Alex Gross 3

I don’t even know if i could manage without some form of technology for a day!

Alex’s Paintings have been selling from $10,000 to $40,000 showing just how successful his career has become and possibly how true the messages within are.

If you want to check it out for yourself here is some of his work.

Liked this guy? See Kurt Cobain‘s collection!

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