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Artist Recreates the Simpsons as Real People

Impressive but unsettling results!

Inspired by the lockdown, Turkish artist Hossein Diba took to recreating the iconic yellow-American cartoon characters The Simpsons by Matt Groening as real people. The 3D results are unsettling and impressive, and go to inspire others about what can be done as a creative project during our time indoors. 

Diba specializes in modelling, sculpting, texturing, and shading, working in the fields of cinema, games and 3D prints, since 2008.

Speaking to LADBible, Diba said that being stuck indoors during the lockdown inspired him to twist the characters of the Simpsons’ sitcom into realistic figures.

This quarantine life, beside all bad effects, had this little positive point. It gave me more free time to spend on my art and try those things I always wanted to.

Diba, LadBible

Diba has been sharing his new art on both Instagram and Youtube, amassing thousands of views and likes. On Youtube, he also shares videos on his process behind the scenes showing how he realizes his stylized re-imagination of the characters.

Diba is encouraging others to partake in a creative project, or possibly to hop onto his band wagon with the hashtag, “#SculptSimpsonsInYourStyle”, as way to practice your art and engage in a creative project.

Read here how other artists, like graffiti artist Banksy, also dealt with staying creative while indoors. It’s important to make the most of your time indoors, and finding a creative outlet is important for your well-being and to make the time pass. 

Featured Image via Hossein Diba, Instagram. 

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