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Artist Has Added Donald Trump Quotes On Vintage Sexist Magazine Ads

Certainly portrayed Trump accurately!

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Well not everyone wanted Trump to be president obviously, but we all heard and read what he had to say about women. Well I am neither supporting or against Trump, but these quotes are just offensive to all women and their rights. Granted they could have been uttered or drawn out by media, so let’s consider the fact that in an election trashing the competition does happen. These horrendous quotes are result of this election. Either way if Trump meant these words or not, they are offensive and do not help portray a strong or fair leader.

An Artist called ‘Saint Hoax’ has taken Donald Trump’s statements and put them on women with vintage, sexist 50s and 60s advertisements. These quotes were particularly covered more last week over International Women’s Day. This Artist really captures how horrific these words are. Check them out:


These pictures are crazy right? Those words are just so sickening.

For more about Donald Trump check this next article where John Oliver examines Trump.

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