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An Artistic Vision: Google Release Frida Kahlo Exhibit

Get Info From Around The World In This One Virtual Collection.

Frida. (Photo: TFM Distribution)

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and been intrigued by the artistic details? Well, Google Arts and Culture are bringing that all to you via a virtual exhibition of Frida Kahlo.

This celebration of the Mexican artist is in collaboration with 33 museums and galleries. It includes in-depth looks at her paintings and her writings. Also, it has many editorials on her life and home. Furthermore, the exhibit contains a look at Kahlo through the eyes of artistic photographers she had encountered.

Frida experienced a lot of physical pain, having spine problems as a child and contracting polio. As a result, her right leg was thinner than her left. This meant she often wore long flowing skirts to hide what she perceived as “ugly”. The exhibition has a whole section on her artistic fashion, full of colour and vibrancy.

Google has also depicted her legacy following her death in 1954. Artists who are inspired by her, her influences on fashion and music are all seen in the online exhibitions. The Head of Google’s Hispanic Communications Jesús Garcia states:

“There’s so much of her that was not known and could still be explored from an artistic perspective and life experience.”

It is obvious that a lot of work has gone into this collection. It looks at Frida’s life from a variety of point of views. Although, the exhibit also provides a look at the lesser-known aspects of her life, debunks myths and also shows her early sketches and paintings.

See what this artist has done with stills from the film “Call Me By Your Name”!

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