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Another Celeb Makeup Brand

It’s easier to trust celebrities and influencers when it comes to what products to use. As a result, there are plenty of celebrity-owned brands. After working to represent other brands, Bella Hadid is the newest Celebrity to join the industry with Orebella.

Bella Hadid
Credit: Shutterstock/Andrea Raffin

It’s easier to trust celebrities and influencers when it comes to what products to use. As a result, there are plenty of celebrity-owned brands. After working to represent other brands, Bella Hadid is the newest Celebrity to join the industry with Orebella.

Celebrity Brands

Celebrity makeup brands are a constant trend in the Beauty industry. This can be anything from hair products, skincare, perfume, or even makeup. People tend to buy products they see people they trust use. Celebrities have gone from sponsoring products to making their own to continue holding the trust of their fans.

Great marketing is when you see celebrities actually use the products they’re sharing. Hence, why they make “get ready with me” videos showing how they use their products in their everyday lives. This helps you trust what they’re selling as you can see the effect the product has on their flawless skin.

Celebrities have the ability to come up with products for every single aspect of our lives: George Clooney founded Casamigos Tequila. Kim Kardashian has SKIMS loungewear and shapewear. The baby product brand, Hello Bello, was founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, selling everything from diapers to vitamins.

More Celebrity Beauty Brands

I’ve already listed many examples, but there are so many celebrity beauty brands out there. It is hard to keep up!

So here’s a compiled list of my personal favourites:

  1. Fenty Beauty – Rihanna (makeup)
  2. Rare Beauty -Selena Gomez (makeup)
  3. Pleasing -Harry Styles (beauty)
  4. Pattern Beauty– Tracee Ellis Ross (hair care)
  5. about-face -Halsey (makeup)
  6. r.e.m. beauty -Ariana Grande (makeup)
  7. Rhode -Hailey Bieber (skincare)
  8. Good Dye Young -Hayley Williams (hair)

The Influence of Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup and skincare brand owned by its namesake, Charlotte Tilbury who has been involved in the beauty industry for over 28 years.

Her products are well-known and loved by Bella Hadid.

Tilbury and Hadid first met at the Price’s Trust gala in New York. The pair became really close friends. In fact, Bella became the face of the Charlotte Tilbury brand in March of 2023 joining other celebrities like Kate Moss and Lily James.

However, the pair’s contract came to an end after less than a year.

In November 2023, Hadid was told she was released from the contract due to a “force of majeure”, which according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is ” an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled.”

Speculation has arisen that Hadid was released from her contract due to her views on Gaza. Being half Palestinian herself, Hadid is using her platform and visibility to raise awareness . Like many other celebrities who are also using their platforms in a similar way, companies have shut out Bella Hadid in response. It has not been explicitly stated that this is the reason for her contract’s end but speculation is unavoidable.

Another speculated reason is Hadid’s announcement of her own beauty brand, Orebella.

Dior too?

Around the same time that Hadid was released from Charlotte Tilbury, her contract with Dior also expired. Once again, rumour has it that the reason for this was the model’s stance on the Palestinian conflict.

Nonetheless, rumours were quickly shut down as the time frame did not add up. Hadid’s contract with Dior ended on March 22, 2023, prior to her joining Charlotte Tilbury. Issues with Israel-Hamas started later in the year. Hadid did not start speaking out until October.

More so, Dior did not replace Bella Hadid with Isereli Model, May Tager. Both models worked with the brand simultaneously, the only difference is that May has continued working with Dior.

It looks like Bella leaving Dior was a personal decision in which she prioritised being able to focus on her new baby, Orebella.


In the midst of the breakup news, Bella Hadid has announced her own brand, Orebella.

It is set to be released on May 2nd 2024. Yet, Nothing too specific has been released about the brand.

Page Six has looked into the trademarking of Orebella and found that the brand may be focused on fragrances, but this is just a speculation.

On the Orebella Instagram page, we got the date, 5/02, and the tagline “Reveal Your Alchemy”. There’s also a link to “the list” on their website where you can sign up in exchange for an exclusive gift at the brand’s launch.

Just 14 days before Hadid’s Orebella announcement on Instagram, she also posted a picture of herself at the Ulta Beauty headquarters in Chicago, so it is safe to assume the brand will be sold at Ulta stores.

In the midst of rumours and speculations about the future of her modelling career Bella Hadid is getting ready to independently represent her own brand. Will she prove all speculators wrong and blossom from a brand ambassador to a successful brand owner?

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