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19 New Netflix Movies and Series Arriving This Week [7 August 2022]

Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix always adds new movies and shows to its collection every week. This week the fans are going to have a lot to stream. Netflix is supposed to add 19 movies to its lineup this week. Subscribers are going to get a new season of a Netflix horror series, a new family dramedy, a new season of a fan-favorite Netflix show, a new vampire movie, and a lot more.

Here is the list of movies and shows that are supposed to hit the streaming giant, starting from August 7th -august 13th

August 7th

1)Riverdale season 6

Image Credit: Netflix

August. 8th

2)Code Name: Emperor
3)Team Zenko Go season 2

August 9th

4) I Just Killed My Dad
5)The Nice Guys

August 10th

6)Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist
8)Indian Matchmaking season 2
9)Instant Dream Home
10)Iron Chef Brazil
11)Locke & Key season 3
12)School Tales the Series

August 11th


Image Credit: Netflix

14)DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Book 3
15)Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story

August 12th

16)13: The Musical
17)A Model Family
18)Day Shift
19)Never Have I Ever season 3

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