WATCH: Jackie Chan Hilariously Critiques Amateur Stunts

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The Reigning God Of Movie Stunts, Jackie Chan Hilariously Critiques Amateur Stunts!

With Steve Harvey, Jackie Chan showed off his expertise in the movie stunt business by working out the logistics of whether these amateur stunts are ‘Stunt Work’ or ‘Needs Work.’

The first clip showed a man jumping off a platform, doing a somersault, attempting to land on a post box.

Chan said: “If he does a triple somersault, he will land (successfully), if just single, he fell, you know what I mean?”

The stunt went exactly as Chan predicted, with the man landing on the pavement with a smack to the face.

“That’s okay, you can tell it doesn’t hurt much,” Chan noted, explaining that when real stuntmen fall the same way, they would just shrug it off and move on, otherwise they would be out of a job.

The next clip, and also my favourite one, includes a man attempting to kick a fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling.

Chan hilariously commented on the fact that the man attempting the stunt, had: “Wrong shoes, wrong pants.”

Indeed, the man was wearing the wrong attire and the stunt, ‘Needed Work.’

I won’t tell you any more of the clips, check them out below:

Not going to lie, I would watch a show of Jackie Chan Critiquing Amateur stunts for hours!

Chan is considered to be one of the most influential and recognizable movie personalities in the world, he has mesmerized the world with his own stunts, if you do not believe me, also check out the clip below which is a compilation of his own stunts.

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