WATCH: Russell Brand’s Top Trolling On Live TV

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Russell Brand is a well-known comedian, this often allows him to troll presenters while he is promoting his charity work on live TV.

Watch here some of his latest antics on Sunday Brunch and the Last Leg courtesy of Channel 4. He tells the presenters of Sunday Brunch he loves them is brushed off with a casual “Yeah”. However, Brand has no shame calling them out with a “don’t just say yeah!”

He’s known for being woke and cheeky, check his best live TV bits here:

To be fair to him, he has some great views on how countries are just constructs. Also, how breaking down power structures hopefully will return some power to civilians.

But of course, he brings out his humour and infamous sexuality to lighten up his time on TV. He also keeps his jokes reoccurring from live TV appearance to TV appearance, showing he has no shame in his trolling!

Check out how this guy trolled everyone, pretending to be friends with Russell!

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