Netflix Is Killing Sex Lives According To Research

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Sex is most often said to be the most fun you can have with your partner. Increasingly, though, a recent study found that more people are staying up late to stream shows instead.

The study in question was started by the University of Cambridge’s Professor David Spiegelhalter; who stated:

“Figures showing falling rates of sex can be explained by the mass of connectivity we have now compared with just a few years ago when the TV used to close down at half past ten.

One in eight 26-year-olds are now virgins, according to a study of 16,000 people born in 1989-90 and this is a significant rise from previous generations when one in 20 was the norm.”

This finding can be put together with the fact that the University of Lancaster. Which found that the busiest use of internet usage has gone from 8pm-9pm to 10pm-11pm. This shows that people are more keen to use streaming services rather than engage in sexual activity.

I get it though some series’ are really good, but still though find time, yeah?

Why look at this for The Scariest Horror Films on Netflix

. Nothing guaranteed if this study is anything to go by, but it will give an excuse to get close.

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