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Woman Gets Chip Implanted Into Her Hand To Unlock Her House Doors

Sounds cool but is this really a good idea?

[Credit: Random/YouTube]

We’ve all been in this situation…we thought we grabbed our keys but turns out we did not. Or our hands are just too full of stuff that we can’t get our keys to open the door…in the rain or snow. No matter what, there’s always some kind of hassle and we’ve all been there. Well, one woman thanks to her tech-savvy husband, has gotten a chip implanted into her hand so she can always unlock all of her doors, hassle-free.

Thank goodness for TikTok, making it so easy for us to discover things we never knew we needed. It does sound convenient but also scary because you have a piece of metal just under your skin. And is that all that chip does or can it be used as a tracker? What about going through security anywhere? These questions need answers!

Watch For Yourself

[Credit: Random/YouTube]
[Credit: Random/YouTube]

See? It seems like such a great idea. Never get locked out of your house again. But seriously, have to think about and learn more about the fact that a chip is inside your hand and what else it could be doing or what other negative effects that could have. Something to look into and study more but I’m not sure I’m ready to give it a try. What do you all think? Leave a comment below.

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