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WATCH: Storm Seekers Insane Pecos’ Footage From The Heart of the Storm

Twisters taking over America.

Credit: Pecos Hank/YouTube

Last year there were 35 deaths by tornadoes.

But this didn’t discourage storm seeker Pecos Hank from venturing into the heart of the storm, to capture some incredible footage.

Fortunately, living in England we rarely encounter tornadoes, however, throughout 2017, there were approximately 1,400 tornadoes in the United States. That’s around 424 more last year than there were in 2016.

14 of these were deadly. Yet only 3 began in Tornado Alley.

Pecos Hank witness 14 of these tornadoes and captured the beauty of the storm structures and extraordinary lightning.

Check out his incredible footage below:

For all you weather aficionados out there, check out the article below…

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