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Watch Snoop Dogg’s Hilarious Reaction to Olympic Dressage

“Oh, the horse crip-walking”

Credit: Baldy W/YouTube

There have been some funny responses to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but Snoop Dogg certainly takes the gold medal. His new show with Kevin Hart has been taking the internet by storm with some genius pieces of sporting commentary.  Snoop Dogg’s latest reaction to the dressage is nothing short of iconic.

Olympic Highlights With Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg premiered on Peacock this year. As sports enthusiasts, the famous duo make the perfect combination for the job. One section of the show sees them watch videos of random Olympic events and commentate on them adlib. As Hart explains:

“The producers have pulled some clips from the Olympics and we don’t know what sport it is or what event it has to do with. We’ll watch it and we’ll call it like we see it.”

The latest clip to be shown was Olympic Dressage. This is the equestrian sport that sees horse and rider perform a series of walks and trots within an arena. As you can see below, Snoop Dogg’s reaction was rather outstanding….

“Horses. I like this. This is equestrian,” Snoop perceptively began. He then expertly pronounced, “Oh, the horse Crip walking, cuh! You see that? Oh, that’s sick.” The horse had such a great impression on the rapper that he wanted to “get this motherfucker in a video”. Now there’s something for the music industry to look forward to!

More from their show…

As well as the dressage, Snoop and Hart have also discussed the first-ever Olympic skateboard competition. In the women’s event, several of the athletes were only age 13. Hart concluded that their bones are “different at that age,” to which Snoop responded, “Yeah, milk does a body good at that age.”

Credit: LaughPlanet/YouTube

Another hilarious moment in the series sees the pair come up with an Olympic ‘cheat sheet’, in which they simplify the different sports. The discussion leads Snoop to ponder:

“You know what I like about the Olympics, is that they’re always changing it up. You make a slight change you change the whole game.”

Snoop goes on to clarify his thinking with the examples of: “Volleyball. Add a beach: beach volleyball. Tennis. Add a table: table tennis.” He then delivers the most Snoop-like response to sport imaginable, stating: “Boxing, turn up the heat: hotboxing.” Never change Snoop. Never change. 

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