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WATCH: Anti-Masker Hospitalized With COVID-19 Warns Others in Viral Video

Queen said it best, “and bad mistakes, I’ve made a few…”

Chuck Stacey/Daniel Uhlfelder via Twitter

Regrets, everyone’s got ‘em. But one man is using the mistakes he made in the past to warn others not to follow in his footsteps. A staunch anti-masker who criticized others for being fear-driven sheep last May, Chuck Stacey found himself confined to a hospital bed by December, infected with SARS-CoV-2 and struggling to breathe. It was there he decided to take to the internet to share his story. 

In a video shared to Twitter by Stacey’s friend, Daniel Uhlfelder, Stacey speaks to the camera, often pausing to take labored breaths. He explains that he believed the virus was a political ploy, and that wearing a mask wasn’t necessary. When he initially got sick, he assumed he had a bad flu, which is all he thought the novel coronavirus was. By the time he had his Covid-19 diagnosis, he had changed his tune. Now he’s on a ventilator and claims the next step is intubation if he continues to decline.

Stacey directs his audience to “wear a mask,” saying he didn’t do it and he should have. He pleads “do it for your children, for your loved ones, do it for yourself,” and explains the data a paramedic gave him about the lower rates of infection in frontline workers who wear masks.

He says his wife was also infected, but he doesn’t know which of them had it first. 

Apparently, Stacey received ill-wishes after his first video went viral. In a follow-up video, he addresses those who felt no pity for his too-little, too-late change-of-heart. He says he didn’t wear a mask, but a face shield on his doctor’s advice, who knew he was claustrophobic.

He finishes up saying “I was wrong. Can’t be more wrong. But to wish me death, to say I don’t deserve to be treated. What is wrong with you people?”

Some were still not having it, though, claiming he shouldn’t be surprised some people think he shouldn’t be treated. 

Regardless of the lack of forgiveness he’s facing, his message is clear. Stacey finishes his video by saying, “you’re supposed to love one another. Pray for one another. I pray for all y’all. I pray y’all don’t get it. Just wear a mask, and if you’re claustrophobic get help so you can wear one.”

You heard the man. Wear your mask. Here, try one of these

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