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WATCH: Adrenaline Junkie Front-Flips in Front of Moving Train

Taking ballsy to new levels.

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Total lad or total idiot? Could be both. This rebellious young man daringly front-flips in front of a moving train- and pulls it off! 

Was it really worth the risk?

This guy clearly likes his daily dose of adrenaline. He really takes recklessness to another level…

Russian stunt-man manages to flawlessly front-flip in front of the train with total confidence, shockingly not seeming to so much as flinch as he does so. So, he got through it with his life, and a pretty awesome video of the entire thing. See it here:

EEK that was close… how did he time it so perfectly?!

It’s hard not to sit on the edge of your seat and grit your teeth while watching this video. He stands on the other side of the platform while his friend films him, both alarmingly casual (and wearing far too much Adidas). Then, in a split second he manages to leap in front of the train, executing a perfect somersault, and landing flat on his feet.

The men then walk onto the train, as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened.  Standard day performing gymnastics in front of moving vehicles.

This guy must have nine lives or something.

If you like watching people do stupid sh*t, watch this biker gang riding around Moscow butt-naked!

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