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Video of Ape Trying Popsicle for the First Time Goes Viral

Limbani the Chimp, from the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, tries a popsicle for the first time.

Credit; @maxstrong/ Instagram
Credit: Mark Strong; @markstrong/Instagram

Back in 2018, a video from the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami showed Limbani the chimpanzee tasting a strawberry popsicle for the first time. Since then the video has resurfaced and touched the hearts of everyone all across the internet.

The video gained popularity when wildlife enthusiast Max Strong reposted the video on his own Instagram, writing:

“Judging by the look on his face it’s safe to say that @limbaniwf was a BIG fan of his all-natural strawberry popsicle. Can’t blame him though, it was a pretty good one”.

Max Strong, Instagram: @maxstrong
Video of Limbani eating a popsicle; Youtube

Limbani’s rise to fame in the past few weeks is nothing new. The chimp has a public verified Instagram account with over 696,000 followers. His hundreds of thousands of fans jus can’t seem to get enough of his wholesome antics and adorable face. His Instagram features many videos of the chimp trying new snacks, painting and expertly unfeeling oranges for himself.

To see more of Limbani, go check to his Instagram account, @limbaniwf.

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