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Transracial Social Media Star WoahVicky Got Arrested

She’s white but ‘identifies as black’. Yikes.

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Social media star WoahVicky is white, but identifies as black. Also, she got arrested.

Yep, unfortunately, this is yet another story about a social media star doing dumb stuff. WoahVicky is white, but ‘identifies’ as black. Ergo, she’s ‘transracial’.

This all started when she looked into her heritage. Apparently, she found she was 25% Subsaharan African, 10% Mali, and 15% Cameroon.

Now, transracialism is a point of contention for many reasons. On the one hand, it is the very definition of cultural appropriation. On the other, transracial individuals often co-opt language used by trans people to garner support.

I’m just gonna say this. It’s not a good look to slap on fake tan, grills, cornrows, say the n-word a bunch, and think that makes you black.

However, seeing as I am neither trans nor black, I recommend you watch this video for a deeper look into the subject by someone who probably has more knowledge on the topic than I do.

But that’s just background details. The craziness doesn’t end there, folks.

Last Saturday, WoahVicky was arrested at a mall for trespassing.

After being given multiple chances to leave, police were called and she was arrested. Furthermore, she was charged with resisting arrest after attempting to round-house kick an officer. You can see the arrest here:

I don’t mean to be callous but… okay, I’ll be callous. She deserved it.

No sympathy here.

Especially after seeing the way she acted after the arrest:

Yup. She clearly gets what Black Lives Matter is fighting for. You can tell she really knows the struggle. Honestly, bless the dude at the end who carries her down and says she had a “long night”. He seems just as bemused as I am right now.

Unfortunately, there will always be people like WoahVicky to remind people why social media is looked down upon. This wasn’t the first time a teenager gains notoriety on the internet and certainly won’t be the last.

If you enjoy people making fools of themselves online, look at the way this person committed a crime and exposed themselves.

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