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Tony Hawk’s Incredible Gravity-Defying Trick Featuring a Glass of Milk

Watch Tony Hawk’s crazy take on the #GotMilk challenge…

Image from Tony Hawk / YouTube
Credit: Tony Hawk / YouTube

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Tony Hawk, now 52, pulled off an insane skateboarding trick with a glass of milk in one hand.

The skating legend, with eight X Games victories in his locker, shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

Hawk’s is perhaps the craziest contribution to the iconic ‘got milk?’ ad campaign that was rebooted this year. The refreshed campaign has gone viral, with various funny and inventive takes on the #GotMilk challenge taking social media by storm.

Inspired by Katie Ledecky, who swam the whole length of a pool with a glass of chocolate milk on her head, Hawk decided to take the #GotMilk challenge to a new level.

You have to watch it (at least) twice to believe it! Not a single drop of milk is spilled even when Hawk is upside down, mid somersault – and no, it’s not edited!

Hawk styles out the trick, ending it in a knee slide as he takes a swig of the freshly poured milk. It looks effortlessly cool, despite being attempted as ‘a joke’. The seasoned pro skater has certainly still got it, throwing a gravity-defying McTwist with ease. He is keeping it fresh in more ways than one!

Having only recently recovered from a nasty skating injury in June that left him with several broken fingers, Hawk is back with a bang! Another reason why this trick is so impressive! 

Luckily there was no crying over broken fingers or spilled milk this time, as Hawk landed the trick flawlessly.

For more skating stories, click here, to read Tony Hawk discuss the classic skatespots from his career.

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