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This Chinese Company Sells Dogs and Cats In The Mall’s Gaming Machines

That’s messed up!

Credit: Screenshot Weibo/Ju Xiaowen

Right when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worst, now we have discovered that in China, there are animal gaming/vending machines around the malls. 

After this video went live, the company that was behind the operation was forced to shut down the machines following the public outcry, and they gave a public apology. 

The scandal began after a mall visitor shared the video of the gaming machine with a Chinese Supermodel Ju Xiaowen who has over three million followers. 

After the video was shared, it got over 1.2 million views, and caused the public as well as animal rights activists to begin demanding justice for the animals who had been caged. All the animals in the videos and pictures appear to be incredibly tired and unhappy, as they are literally caged up and kept behind the glasses. As there is no way to feed the animals through the glass containers, who knows how often the organization used to fed these helpless animals. 

Credit: Screenshot Weibo/Ju Xiaowen

In order to win the animal, the players would have to win the game that is installed on the machine. Upon winning, they will be able to retrieve the animals. One person commented that animals should be treated as family members, and not as gifts and prizes. 

However with all these past us, as the machines have now been collected, China has a long history of animal abuse. Some of the small animals such as lobsters, turtles, and crabs have been known to be sold in claw machines, all across China.

This is yet another animal rights violation. Have you ever played one of the claw machines, with dolls in them? How often are you successful? Usually the claw machines are programmed to drop the gift, once they have been retrieved and elevated. Now, imagine these are live animals instead of dolls and gifts. The machine continuously grabs and drops the animals. 

We can’t look past all these cruel acts committed by big corporations as a part of their greed schemes. All that for what? A couple  dollars? 

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